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Assembly's picture for each fireplace
Picnic fireplace assembly pictures
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Outdoor fireplace #100 assembly pictures
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The assembly of your outdoor fireplace

All our fireplaces are based on the same concept and the same logic of assembly. As they are all modular outdoor fireplaces, just interlock the blocks on each other. Refer yourself to the assembly plan received with your fireplace, read the advices on this web page and choose your fireplace on the menu Assembly on the left; you will find pictures of an assembly for each fireplace, row by row.

It will be quick and easy to assemble your outdoor fireplace. Depending on the chosen model, a maximum of few hours will suffice to assemble your fireplace.

Choosing its location

To fully take advantage of your fireplace, it is necessary to choose carefully a good location suited to install it. It's better to place the front of your fireplace facing dominant winds. This way, the smoke will go toward the back of the fireplace, not toward you and the winds will feed your fire in air.

Make sure that it will be safely located at a good distance of a building or other flammable material. Please refer to your local authorities for laws regarding distances.

Installation of the tiles

On a turfed ground
(some stony dust will be necessary for this step)
  • Once the place of your fireplace have been chosen, place the tiles where you want it for a first look. Refer to your assembly plan.
  • Cut the lawn with a shovel around tiles.
  • Remove the tiles and the lawn you have cut.
  • Replace the removed grass by some stone dust.
  • Compact lightly and put tiles back in place by assuring you that they are at the level.
Installation of your fireplace's tiles
Installation of your fireplace's tiles
Installation of your fireplace's tiles

Note: If you are about to install a fireplace which has a chimney, we advise to heighten the back of the fireplace by about ¼" (6 mm). As the majority of the weight of the fireplace is concentrated at this place, with time it will return at the level by itself.

On a concrete base (or pavers)
(some cedar shingles will be necessary for this step)

  • Place the tiles of your fireplace at the wished place.
  • Insure that your bases are at the level. We advise you to
    take some shingle of cedar to correct the situation.
  • The tiles should not be shaky. They will support a high
    weight afterward.
Installation of your fireplace on concret

Note: Always install your fireplace over their tiles because they have been conceived to resist to high temperatures of a fire.

The assembly of the fireplace

Once tiles are in place, refer to your assembly plan and to the assembly's pictures of your model. (see Menu: Assembly) You are now ready to assemble your blocks.

  • Place the blocks of your fireplace by lengths and names on your ground.
  • You will notice that every block, in the middle,  has a flat side and a curved side.
  • Place the flat side inside the fireplace; the curved side towards the outside.
Inside the fireplace: flat side
Outside the fireplace: curved side
Flat side (inside the fireplace)
Curved side (outside the fireplace)
  • Clean the blocks of any small stones before interlocking the next block.
  • Knock slightly every block to make sure that they are settling flat.

For the models of fireplace with a chimney* :

  • Try your plate and the slides before the assembly of the chimney. This step is for seeing if your fireplace has been set square. If it is not completely, it is always time to correct the situation before settle up the chimney.
Put the slides in place on your fireplace
Put on the cast iron plate on your fireplace

Note: The plate (painted steel or enamelled cast iron) is mandatory on fireplaces with chimney (#115, #120, #125, #200-1D, #200-1G, #200-2 and #300-2D)*. So the smoke will exit only by the inside of the chimney and that will help to keep its front clean.
*(not applicable to the fireplace #130-3, conceived differently)

In chimney
(for this step you will need 2 to 3 tubes of all purpose silicone)

  • Between each rows of the chimney, all around the chimney’s square, place a joint of silicone and push all the blocks inward. This will simply create a barrier for the smoke so your fireplace will not be dirty prematurely.
Silicone: Only between chimney's rows of the fireplace
  • A thickness of 1/4" (or 6mm) will be sufficient. Too much silicone would make difficult to disassemble / move the fireplace.
  • Because the chimney decreases (their sides) apply the silicone more inward; this way the silicone will remain invisible once your fireplace will be completed.
  • In the last row of the chimney do not apply silicone and place the fireguard. It will eventually consume and it will be easier to replace.

Now that your fireplace have been assembled, it pleases us to wish you a great season and we thank you for having relied on the company "Les Foyers Feu Ardent inc.".

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