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The blocks are made of concrete, mainly of volcanic stones, cement and color. They are also reinforced with a steel rod in their middle.

It is preferable to place the front of your fireplace facing the dominant winds. This way the air will feed the fire and will exit by the chimney. Thus the smoke will go towards the back of your fireplace, not in your direction. Be sure your fireplace will be located at a good distance of building or of any other flammable material. We suggest you to check the regulations of your city.

Each city has their own regulations which will indicate you the minimal distances from the limits of the ground and of the main and secondary building to install your fireplace

It is easy to install the fireplace by ourself. Refer yourself to the assembly plan received with your fireplace and installation part of our web site. You will find pictures of an assembly of each fireplace, row by row.

The fireplace has been conceived to be installed on concrete surface or on stone dust. However it is not necessary to install it on concrete surface if you do not already have one.

The enamelled cast iron plate or painted steel plate is used mainly to block the space in front of the chimney. So the smoke and the sparks will exit only by it. Consequently the chimney becomes really fonctional and its front is not dirtied unnecessarily. The enamelled cast iron plate can be also used for cooking some foods directly on it (hamburger, hot-dog, etc.) They are mandatory on #115, #120, #125, #200’s series and #300-2D models.

Because the cast iron plate is covered with porcelain enamel which will avoid the appearance of rust, and that the painted steel plate is covered with high temperature pain, you can leave them in place during all summer season. But we recommend to store them inside during the winter season.

We do not advice to use the coalman and the grill to make a fire. They will not stop completely the smoke and that will dirty your fireplace unnecessarily. Moreover the fire will damage your coalman quickly. Rather use the enamelled cast iron plate or the painted steel plate. It will completely block the space in front of the chimney and was conceived to resist to high temperatures of fires.

The slides are strongly recommended on models using a plate. But they are mandatory on #300-2D model because they must be installed permanently during the assembly of the fireplace. They are used to support the plate more safely and will help to protect their finish that covers them.

The pyramid screen is not mandatory on the Picnics to be functional but the majority of cities require its use. We invite you to check the bylaws of your city.

This is not a mandatory accessory because it is possible to make a fire directly on the tiles of the fireplace. But it is very appreciated by our customers as it is very useful during starting and for a good airing of the fire.

On a model with chimney one simply provided with a cast iron plate you can cook directly on it. It is also possible to convert it into barbecue : remove the cast iron plate and the slides, place the coalman and the cast iron grill adapted to your model and use charcoal.
The #300-2D model has a right side’s independent barbecue on charcoal to cook and make fire simultaneously.
On the Picnic and Picnic with back, thanks to the enamelled cast iron grill, cook directly on wood burning fire or on charcoal with the coalman for using charcoal.
On #125, #200’s series, #300-2D and Picnics models, it is possible to roast meat with the hood and rotisserie.

The color does not affect the purchase price of your fireplace. All fireplaces are available in 3 colors (gray, red and beige) to fit to your landscape.

It is one of the advantages of a modular type fireplace. If its place is not adequate anymore, dismantle it and reassemble it at the desired place.

It is recommended to enter all cast iron and metal items inside. Removes ashes from the fireplace and place 4 to 5 dry hardwood logs, they will absorb moisture. Cover your fireplace completely with a waterproof fabric which can breathe as a tarpaulin. That will protect it from water that could infiltrate in the blocks and, in long term, would damage them due to freeze and thaw periods.

It is also one of the advantages of a modular type fireplace. It is possible to replace any part which could have been damaged.

It is possible, in limited ways, to do modifications on a fireplace. Some modifications are easy to do, others are more difficult, and some are impossible. For example it is easy to raise up the fireplace in adding rows in chimney or in its hearth. So it’s always a case by case. We invite you to contact us at Feu Ardent for more precises informations.

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