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Since 1977, Les Foyers Feu Ardent Inc. is proudly manufacturing in Lévis, QC. Canada, a product that is revolutionizing the field of the concrete outdoor fireplace. Greatly simplified, each fireplace is designed according to an easy to assemble modular principle of independant precast concrete blocks. Using mortises, also called notches, each of the blocks easily overlap each other in order to form, in a few moments, a wood burning outdoor fireplace for your back yard. Moreover, thanks to its great simplicity, this modular concept makes it possible to design and offer you different models which are just as easy to assemble as each other. 

Versatile Outdoor Fireplaces.

Each of the blocks that compose our fireplaces are made from volcanic stones and are reinforced with a reinforcing rod (rebar) which gives them a very high resistance to heat and an unequaled life expectancy. Moreover, as the assembly of the stones requires no mortar or glue to support themselves, each of the offered models of outdoor fireplace is designed to follow ground movements caused by freeze / thaw of areas with harsh climates… Furthermore, they can even be moved if necessary if, for example, the location is no longer suitable. Although we, and many of our dealers, offer delivery and / or installation service, you may also, if you wish, perform this task easily by yourself by visiting the assembly section for your outdoor fireplace..

assemblage foyer extérieur

Whatever the size of your property, you will find among our models, an outdoor fireplace that will fit your space and meet your needs. Therefore we offer you a range of the most complete products, whether fireplaces with or without chimney, open on three facades or with storage space for wood. And, to perfectly match your landscaping, they are all made in 3 colors: gray, red or beige. 

In order to meet the needs of gourmets, in addition to a good atmosphere around the fire in the evening with friends and family, you will be able to use your fireplace for outdoor cooking. Depending on the chosen model, different cooking methods are offered to you : on cast iron plate, on cast iron grill, and for the time of a good dinner, it is possible to convert your outdoor fireplace into a real barbecue on charcoal. Moreover, you benefit from a wide selection of practical accessories that will enhance the use of your fireplace such as spark catcher, grate, poker, etc. You will find, with Feu Ardent, the fireplace of your dreams and more. 

Feu Ardent… the dream atmosphere at the heart of your yard.

Additional information.

For additional information, several options are offered to you. Explore the other pages of this site to find the descriptions of each fireplace, information on available accessories, methods and photos of assembly, full list of retailers where you can buy our products and more. We also invite you to contact us or to come to visit our showroom in our factory in Lévis, Québec (formely St-Nicolas). It will pleases us to advise you in the purchase of your outdoor fireplace.

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Due to the very high demand for our models of outdoor fireplace and our production capacity, we are currently forced to produce them only in gray and beige for the moment.