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Enjoy an afternoon BBQ or an evening with your family and friends sitting by an outdoor wood fireplace. We sell safe outdoor fireplaces for cooking and/or enjoying the warmth of a cozy wood fire. Discover our multiple fireplaces available online and choose the ideal wood fireplace. Our block fireplaces are easy to install and transport!

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Revamp Your Backyard with an Outdoor Wood Fireplace

Furnish your backyard with an outdoor wood fireplace to host your guests on those cooler Quebec evenings. With this heating appliance, enjoy a constant heat during the evening to make the most of spring, summer and fall. 

We offer a variety of outdoor stone fireplace models, all based on a modular principle that is easy to assemble. Whether it’s for a family fire, or for cooking a meal outside, with Feu Ardent you will have a safe outdoor fireplace that will meet your needs! Enjoy the advantages of a block fireplace that makes it easy to transport and install. 

What Type of Outdoor Wood Fireplaces Are Available at Feu Ardent?

Our fireplaces were created to provide Quebecers with a beautiful outdoor fireplace and easy to assemble. Thanks to a modular design, our fireplaces can be assembled directly in your yard in a matter of hours! All our fireplaces are made to keep wood fires as safe and enjoyable as possible.

Our blocks are made from volcanic stone and are available in three colors: grey, red, or beige. You can also choose between several fireplace models, all with different features, as well as several accessories.

Customize the Wood Fireplace of Your Dreams

We have something for everyone! Our outdoor fireplaces vary in size and offer different settings to suit all your needs.

  • Modest size fireplaces with or without backrest;
  • Fireplace with chimney – The chimney is designed for fire prevention and to direct smoke away from you. Comes with a spark barrier to catch any large twigs;
  • Fireplace with wood storage;
  • Fireplace with stainless steel cooktop / grill or enameled cast iron grill.

And many more options! You can also find in some models a place to store your wood in a dry place as well as excellent cooking grills for wood fireplaces.

Quality Products that Last a Lifetime

Feu Ardent is proud to offer high quality fireplaces at great prices. In addition, we work hard to offer quality customer service at all times. With a lifespan of many years, you will have the chance to enjoy this outdoor fireplace for a long time!  

The type of fuel makes a big difference in your experience! For an outdoor fireplace, we all want a warm fire, and the cooks among us know that the flavor you get from a real flame or charcoal is incomparable to gas.

As soon as you play with fire, there is a risk! Feu Ardent is aware of this, which is why all our outdoor wood fireplaces are designed keeping your safety in mind. We offer different options for you to choose the wood fireplace that will make you feel safe. However, we recommend that you place your fireplace at a good distance from buildings.

Check with your municipality before starting a fire. During the dry and hot season, the risk of fire is higher, so using an outdoor wood-burning fireplace is prohibited in some areas to minimize the risk of fire. 

Buy All the Products and Accessories You Need for Your Fireplace

Feu Ardent also offers the necessary heating supplies to take care of your fireplace and fire! Whether it’s a metal poker to push the logs if they fall, a metal dustpan and metal tongs to pick up all sorts of falling fire twigs, you can find them at Feu Ardent! We offer accessories such as:

  • Enameled cast iron steak grills;
  • Pyramid or free-standing spark guard;
  • Charcoal tray;
  • Poker;
  • Log holder;

And much more! Buy custom-made products for your outdoor wood fireplaces for the best possible experience.

Can I Buy a Feu Ardent Fireplace in a Store?

Feu Ardent manufactures its stone fireplaces in Levis, near Quebec City, but don’t worry, all our models are available throughout the province. We are proud to be found in many Quebec retailers!

With an extensive network of dealer-resellers, you can purchase your fireplace in bulk at a local store. Use our interactive map to find a store near you.

Learn more about outdoor fireplaces

To clean your fireplace, choose a day with good weather and as little wind as possible: unfavorable conditions can make the cleaning task very difficult. When you are certain that the fire and ashes are completely stopped, you can dispose of the ashes in a bag or box. Collect the dust and ashes accumulated on the concrete blocks and you can throw them in the trash or even in the compost. 

Once the ashes are gone, you can clean the inside and outside of the fireplace with a hose. Using a brush, scrub the concrete blocks to remove any ash or residue encrusted in the fireplace stone. If you wish, you can even put a fireproof polish on the surface of the stone to get an outdoor fireplace that looks as good as new!

Make sure to clean the chimney properly, a good working chimney should not have any debris trapped in it. Air should be able to pass through easily. 

The price of an outdoor wood fireplace from Feu Ardent varies between each product and their basic use. Our fireplaces start at $380 and the more powerful and feature-rich models start at $1620. We are proud to be able to offer affordable fireplace options to suit the needs of all our customers. 

We are able to cater to everyone's needs by offering a wide range of fireplaces with different features. For example, we have a block fireplace with a chimney and a storage box to the right of the fire for wood. This is more expensive than a simple outdoor fireplace designed to enjoy the warmth of the fire on a chilly evening.  

Burning wood logs leave behind smoke and a smell that impregnates clothing. In addition, burning wood makes a soothing crackling sound. Propane gas, on the other hand, leaves behind an odor described as "eggy" by many users. Natural gas or propane are non-renewable energies that emit greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. And let's not forget that a propane gas cylinder costs more than wood.

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Due to the very high demand for our models of outdoor fireplace and our production capacity, we are currently forced to produce them only in gray and beige for the moment.