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Thanks to the questions we are frequently asked, find answers about our products: outdoor fireplace models, how to use them, maintain them, assemble them, the accessories offered, and more.

The precast blocks of our outdoor fireplaces are made of concrete designed to resist heat. They are made of concrete, mainly of volcanic stones, cement and color. They are also reinforced with a steel rod also known as rebar.

First, make sure the fireplace will be installed on a level surface. To fully enjoy it, it is preferable to place the front of your fireplace facing the dominant winds. This way the air will feed the fire and will exit by the chimney. Thus the smoke will go towards the back of your fireplace, not in your direction. Be sure your fireplace will be assembled on a level surface and it will be located at a good distance of building or of any other flammable material. We suggest you to check the regulations of your city.

Each city has their own regulations which will indicate you the minimal distances from the limits of the ground and of the main and secondary building to install your fireplace

It is easy to assemble your outdoor fireplace by yourself. Refer to the assembly plan received at the purchase of your fireplace and to part that explains the assembly of your outdoor fireplace in the menu of our web site. There you will find all the tips and advices you need and the assembly pictures row by row for your fireplace model. If you do not have your assembly plan in hand, you will also find it here.

Due to the fact that a seat is always provided with the purchase of a Feu Ardent fireplace, it has been designed to be assembled either on a bed of stone dust or on a concrete surface. However it is not necessary to install it on concrete surface if you do not already have one. Rather, it is a matter of landscaping preference only. See our assembly tips for setting up a fireplace for more information.

The plate, whether made of painted steel, enameled steel or enameled cast iron, is used mainly to obstruct the space in front of the fireplace chimney. With this accessory the smoke and sparks are sent through the chimney and not by its front. Therefore the fireplace chimney is really functional and its front is not soiled unnecessarily. A plate is then mandatory on models #115, #120, #125, #200’s series and #300-2D. In addition, you will be able to use your fireplace to cook on it. It will even be possible to cook food directly on the enameled steel or cast iron plate (steak, hamburger, hot-dog, etc.). Visit the accessories for fireplace section to see the plate corresponding to your model.

Because the enameled steel and cast iron plate are covered with porcelain enamel which will avoid the appearance of rust, and that the painted steel plate is covered with high temperature pain, you can leave them in place during all summer season. But we recommend to store them inside during the winter season.

We do not advise to use the charcoal holder (coalman) and the grill on your fireplace to make a fire. They will not stop completely the smoke and that will dirty the front of the chimney of your fireplace unnecessarily. Moreover the fire will damage your charcoal holder quickly. Rather use one of the offered plate (painted steel plate, enameled steel or cast iron plate). That will completely block the space in front of the chimney and was conceived to resist to high temperatures of fires. Visit the accessories for your fireplace section to see the plate corresponding to your model.

The slides, sold in pair, are used to support the plate (painted steel,  enameled steel or cast iron) in a more secure manner, for easier handling of the plate in place and for helping to protect the finish that cover them. The set of slides is strongly recommended on fireplaces using a plate in front of the chimney. But they are mandatory on #300-2D model because they must be set permanently during the assembly of that fireplace.

The pyramid screen is not mandatory on the Picnics fireplaces to be functional but the majority of cities require its use. We invite you to check your local regulations.

Since the bases of our outdoor fireplaces are designed to withstand heat, it is possible to make a fire directly on them. The cast iron log rack for fireplace is therefore not a mandatory accessory in itself for the proper functioning of a fireplace. But it is very appreciated by our customers as it is very useful during starting and for a good airing of the fire.

On a model with a chimney, you can use your outdoor fireplace for cooking purposes during your ambient fires thanks to its plate. For example, on the painted steel plate, you can cook using a cooking pot while on the porcelain enamel covered steel plate and cast iron plate you can cook your food directly on it. It is also possible to transform an outdoor fireplace into a charcoal barbecue. To do this, when you are not making any fire, remove the plate and the set of slides that support it, place the charcoal holder (coalman) as well as the steak grill adapted to your model then insert briquettes of charcoal.
Based on this principle, the fireplace #300-2D* has its own independent charcoal barbecue to its right. So this model offers you the possibility of simultaneously cooking on charcoal in this section and making a fire in the hearth of the fireplace.
On the Picnic fireplace and the model Picnic with back, you will be able to cook directly on the wood fire thanks to its steak grill or to transform it into a charcoal barbecue using the charcoal holder (coalman).
On models offering the possibility of placing the large-format cooking grill (stainless steel grill or enameled cast iron grill) and the charcoal holder (Picnic fireplaces, #125, #200’s series, #300-2D), it is even possible to spin your favorite meat using the hood and the electric rotisserie.

The color does not affect the purchase price of your fireplace. All fireplaces are available in 3 colors (gray, red and beige) to fit to your landscape.

It is one of the advantages of a Feu Ardent modular type outdoor fireplace. As our fireplaces are made of precast blocks independent of each other, if the location where your fireplace was installed is no longer suitable, simply take it apart and reassemble it in the desired location.

We recommend winterizing your outdoor fireplace for the off season by covering it to protect it from the elements. Remove and store all metal items in a safe place. Remove the ashes from the fireplace and place 4 to 5 logs of dry hardwood logs. These will absorb moisture that may forms inside the packaging you are going to create. Cover your fireplace completely with a waterproof fabric which can breathe. A tarp that you will find in hardware stores will do the trick. That will protect it from water that could infiltrate in the blocks and, in long term, would damage them due to freeze and thaw periods.

It is possible to replace any part which could have been damaged. It is also one of the advantages of a modular type fireplace made by Feu Ardent. To determine your need, refer to the assembly plan of your fireplace then contact your nearest Feu Ardent authorized dealer for purchase.

It is possible, in limited ways, to do modifications on a fireplace made by Feu Ardent. Some modifications are easy to do, others are more difficult, and some are impossible. For example it is easy to raise up the fireplace in adding rows in chimney or in its hearth due to the existence of the blocks. So it’s always a case by case situation. We invite you to contact the people at Feu Ardent for more information.

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Due to the very high demand for our models of outdoor fireplace and our production capacity, we are currently forced to produce them only in gray and beige for the moment.