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Although Les Foyers Feu Ardent Inc. is manufacturing outdoor fireplaces in Lévis, Qc., it is possible to find all Feu Ardent products locally through our vast network of merchant-resellers.

In Lévis:
Les Foyers Feu Ardent Inc.
724 chemin Industriel, Lévis, Qc. G7A 1B5
Tél.: 418-831-1514

At retailers:
Enter your city or postal code, click on “Search” and find the nearest places to purchase an outdoor fireplace and accessories for a Feu Ardent fireplace near you. For more informations about each reseller simply click on their names.

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      Due to the very high demand for our models of outdoor fireplace and our production capacity, we are currently forced to produce them only in gray and beige for the moment.