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Discover the best outdoor fireplace in your area


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Looking to bring our outdoor living space to a new level of comfort and aesthetics? A beautiful stone outdoor fireplace might be what you were looking for! Feu Ardent offers a range of fireplaces for your backyard unique in design, durability, aesthetics and all made in Canada.

The outdoor fireplace, a simplified style and concept

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A high quality DIY fireplace that is unique! Feu Ardent’s stone outdoor fireplace offers buyers a “do it yourself” solution thanks to a great modular principle made of independent precast concrete blocks. Consisting of mortises, also called notches, each of the blocks easily overlap each other in order to form in a few moments a wood-burning fireplace for your outdoor.

Each of the blocks that make up the fireplace is molded from a proprietary concrete mix containing volcanic stone (also known as lava rock) and are reinforced with a metal rod, giving them a very high resistance to heat and an unequaled durability.

Thanks to its great versatility, this modular concept allows us to design and offer you a complete range of outdoor fireplaces, in three distinct colors, to blend in well with the landscaping of your yard. Moreover, each of these models offers you the opportunity to transform your fireplace into a real charcoal barbecue.

Since these are modular fireplaces made up of independent blocks that are not cemented together, all you have to do is nest the blocks on top of each other to assemble them easily. Thanks to the bases provided, you can therefore place them on an existing concrete surface or on a bed of hardened stone dust. Installed in the latter way, your fireplace will be able to withstand ground movements caused by the freezing/thawing of regions with harsh climates. In a few hours at most, your outdoor fireplace will be assembled and you will be ready to spend pleasant evenings with family. With this kind of concept, the relocation of the fireplace remain always possible. Visit the Assembly section to see how easy it is to assemble a Feu Ardent outdoor fireplace.

Choose the outdoor fireplace of your dreams!

At the heart of your backyard, your outdoor fireplace will be the meeting place where your family and friends will gather and spend quality time together for unforgettable evenings. All our fireplaces are made with a few key elements: a product that is easy to set up, aesthetic and practical and made with quality and durable materials. It is therefore important to choose a model of fireplace that corresponds well to your environment and your preferences. Here are the 10 fireplace models offered by Feu Ardent:


Where to buy a Feu Ardent outdoor fireplace

Thanks to our network of resellers covering a vast territory, it is possible to find an outdoor fireplace and accessories for Feu Ardent fireplaces in many municipalities. Whether in the Quebec region, in Montérégie, in Chaudière-Appalaches, in Bas-Saint-Laurent, in Gaspésie, in Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, in Mauricie, in Estrie, in Centre-du-Québec, in Outaouais, in Abitibi-Témiscamingue, on the North Shore, in New Brunswick, in Nova Scotia, in Ontario or even in the Northeast USA!

You will therefore find our products in several hardware stores of all banners, nurseries, brick and stone, stoves and fireplaces and landscaping merchants.

Visit our Store Locator section where it will be possible to locate the closest dealers:

Discover the versatility of a Feu Ardent outdoor fireplace

In addition to bringing you all the warmth of the flames for your evenings by the fire, Feu Ardent outdoor fireplaces offer you the opportunity to cook outside using our exclusive accessories. For lovers of cooking with charcoal or directly on the  fire, you will find a fireplace that will meet your needs.

And if you are redoing the landscape of your backyard, disassemble your fireplace and relocate it to its new location. It’s that simple!

Discover our outdoor fireplace accessories

Whether it’s cast iron log grate, poker, plates, steel or cast-iron cooking grates or spark arresters, Feu Ardent has what you need to make the most of your concrete outdoor fireplace. All of our fireplace accessories are built to last and are made only with top-quality materials. They have been designed with special attention to safety!

An outdoor fireplace with or without chimney

First of all, we offer 2 types of outdoor fireplaces, either with or without a stone chimney, which offer you different advantages.

Thanks to their modest dimensions and their good view of the fire, you will enjoy a campfire experience with an open outdoor fireplace such as the Picnic fireplace and the Picnic with back. In addition, they will give you the pleasure of cooking when the time comes to prepare a good meal on a wood fire.

As for the other fireplaces, you will have the choice among models composed of a bulkier structure and equipped with a chimney. With these, you will find all the presence that will enhance the style of your backyard. They will also offer you the possibility of cooking outside or even having storage for your wood while their chimney will give you better smoke control.


More than just concrete for an outdoor fireplace !

All concretes have not all been created equal, there are different kinds of concrete mixes on the market to meet various uses such as roads, your home, paving, landscaping and even a fireplace. The concrete itself can really vary in quality and properties, if the mix is not designed for the use of the manufactured product. For making an outdoor fireplace for example the bricks of house or landscaping are generally not designed to withstand that kind of heat. In this case, this type of material therefore tends to deteriorate rapidly with the high temperatures of a fire.

The solution…volcanic stone for a refractory concrete

To obtain an outdoor fireplace that resists the heat of the fire, Feu Ardent offers concrete fireplaces made from volcanic rock. This therefore gives the Feu Ardent fireplace the property of being refractory to the flame of your fire. In addition, to ensure greater impact resistance, we arm our fireplace blocks with a reinforcing rod. You will have a stone outdoor fireplace that will be loyal to you for many years to come.

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Due to the very high demand for our models of outdoor fireplace and our production capacity, we are currently forced to produce them only in gray and beige for the moment.