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Looking to bring our outdoor living space to a new level of comfort and aesthetics? A beautiful stone outdoor fireplace might be what you were looking for! Feu Ardent offers a range of outdoor fireplaces unique in design, durability, aesthetics and all made in Canada.

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The outdoor fireplace, a simplified style and concept

A high quality DIY fireplace that is unique! Feu Ardent’s stone outdoor fireplace offers buyers a “do it yourself” solution thanks to a great modular principle made of independent precast concrete blocks. Consisting of mortises, also called notches, each of the blocks easily overlap each other in order to form in a few moments a wood-burning fireplace for the outdoors. Thanks to its great simplicity, this modular concept makes it possible to design and offer you different models which are just as easy to assemble as each other. 

Each of the blocks that compose them are made from volcanic stones (also known as lava rock) and are reinforced with a metal rod, giving them a very high resistance to heat and an unequaled durability. Moreover, as the assembly of stones requires no mortar to support themselves, each of the offered outdoor fireplaces can easily withstand ground movements caused by freeze / thaw of areas with harsh climates…

Choose a wood-burning outdoor fireplace

All our fireplaces are made with specific elements in mind: a beautiful and practical product, durable materials, an easy installation and of course your safety! Our modular design allows the entirety of the fireplace (even the bigger models), to be assembled in no more than a few hours following a simple installation manual. Discover our many outdoor fireplace options here:


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What to look for in an outdoor fireplace?

It is always important to choose a quality product that is both easy to use and durable. Concrete fireplaces have a clear advantage when it comes to their durability. And the modular concept of Feu Ardent greatly simplifies things when you think about setting it up.


The pre-molded block construction of our outdoor fire pits offers more than a timeless, handcrafted fire pit style to your outdoor space. Thanks to their well-thought-out modular design, the installation of all our fireplaces is done with ease for amazing results. This concept allows Feu Ardent to offer exceptional quality at an advantageous price, in a set that is easily assembled, giving you that soft feeling of comfort that you love as part of your outdoor landscaping!

Of all the outdoor space you can think of, the fireplace is one of the most important. It is the center of your backyard, where your family and friends gather and spend quality time together: you should definitely make sure to create a great outdoor living space that you will enjoy a long time.

By choosing a Feu Ardent fireplace, you are opting for an outdoor fireplace made of concrete blocks designed from volcanic rock to resist the heat of your flame. This will give you a fireplace that will be loyal to you for many years to come, whereas a brick or cobblestone patio fireplace will require more care to make it last. Even better, their modular structure allows the Feu Ardent fireplace to follow the movements of the ground according to the temperature: perfect to go from the heat of summer to the cold of winter in Canada!

More than just a fireplace to warm up cool evenings, keep in mind that Feu Ardent stone fireplaces even offer you the pleasure of cooking in your yard thanks to their available accessories. Whether you opt for a small format fireplace or even a larger one, you will indeed be able to cook on it. For example, cook over an open flame on our Picnic and Backrest Picnic models, thanks to the stainless steel or enameled cast iron cooking grid (or even convert to a briquette barbecue). Those who choose our larger models will be able to cook over a wood fire on its plate (painted steel or enameled cast iron) or by simply converting it into a charcoal barbecue. All you have to do is choose the species of your wood.

If you are looking to prepare old-fashioned meals over an open flame, keep an eye out for rock fireplaces that include a steel grill. The type of fuel and the type of wood used will also play a huge role in the flavor: we definitely recommend wood burning to get that smokey flavor many of us are looking for.

Choosing a fireplace according to your preferred fuel type is an important aspect of an outdoors fireplace. At Feu Ardent, we believe that nothing beats the flame of old-fashioned wood burning! The type of fuel burned makes a huge difference in the experience, and will require different fireplace accessories and venting configuration. Keep in mind your perfect outdoor living space when shopping for an outdoor fireplace.

Many different cities regulate the use of outdoor fireplaces and fire pits, especially when the temperature is dry during the summer. Make sure to inform yourself about the restrictions and potential requirements in place in your neighbourhood so that you can make the best purchase possible. If you would like some advice and professional help, do not hesitate to contact us! Our team of experts will be happy to assist you in finding the perfect outdoor fireplace.

Discover our fireplace accessories

Whether it’s log holders, pokers, plates, steel or cast-iron cooking grates or spark arresters, Feu Ardent has what you need to make the most of your new outdoor wood-burning fireplace. All of our outdoor fireplace accessories are built to last and are made only with top-quality materials. They have been designed with special attention to safety!

Learn more about fireplaces and fire pits

What is the difference between an outdoor fireplace and a fire pit?

First of all, fireplaces and fire pits are used very differently! A fireplace is usually a permanent structure  where you gather in front, not all around. The fire pit is designed to recreate the same feeling of a campfire, where you gather all around the fire to talk. Make sure you take into consideration your needs when choosing between the two!

A fire pit will also require different accessories, such as a protective cover or screen. Because it is an open flame, they represent more of a risk and many places regulate their use. Opposed to this, a fireplace built using lava rocks already includes many safety features such as a chimney and a closed structure preventing embers from potentially starting fires.

Finally, when it comes to cooking, nothing beats having a permanent fireplace in your outdoor living space. Made of stone instead of steel, you can safely cook without burning yourself and take advantage of many elements offered by our fireplaces: table tops, integrated appliances such as coal barbecues, and much more.

Where is the best place to assemble a fireplace?

First, make sure the fireplace will be installed on a level surface. To fully enjoy it, it is preferable to place the front of your fireplace facing the dominant winds. This way the air will feed the fire and will exit by the chimney. Thus the smoke will go towards the back of your fireplace, not in your direction. Be sure your fireplace will be assembled on a level surface and it will be located at a good distance of building or of any other flammable material. We recommend you check the regulations of your city before starting to plan your new outdoor space!

How much do Feu Ardent's outdoor fireplaces cost?

The price of our outdoor fireplaces will vary according to product specifications, materials and size! While our smaller models start at $380, our larger fireplaces including many features, such as our Outdoor Fireplace #300-2D, will start closer to $1,600.

Propane gas or wood for an outdoor fireplace?

Wood and propane offer different benefits, and each type of fireplace can provide a great experience. However, Feu Ardent has chosen to offer wood-burning fireplaces to its customers for several reasons!

Using propane gas for your fireplace does not offer the same flexibility as a wood-burning fireplace. You must be connected to a gas line or propane tank, which limits location options.

A wood-fired block fireplace has no pieces of equipment, unlike a propane gas fireplace. This means less maintenance and no change of parts!

Wood-burning fireplaces truly offer a unique and authentic experience! Whether it’s a block fireplace or a cast-iron fireplace, using wood is the best way to create a beautiful atmosphere.

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Due to the very high demand for our models of outdoor fireplace and our production capacity, we are currently forced to produce them only in gray and beige for the moment.