Picnic + Fireplace

( Picnic with an additionnal row )

To facilitate the assembly of your outdoor fireplace, refer to the plan received at the purchase of your fireplace and to the assembly's general section for more advices.

Put the tiles at the level.

Put the 2 blocks Start 34” and the Half-Block 26” between the rear mortises.
Reminder : The flat side of each block goes inside the fireplace.

Put the 2 blocks Start 34” so that their back are in line with the base. This way, they will exceed by the front; it is prettier when installed this way.

Put the 42” (4 notches) at the back and the 2 little blocks of 12” at the front. In putting them down, gently tap the blocks. If there were small stones, that would crush them. Make sure that your blocks are well placed flat over each other.

Place 2 blocks of 34” (4 notches) on each side.

Put a 42” (4 notches) at the back and the 2 little blocks of 12”.

Place the 2 blocks 5 Notches 34” so that their central mortises are off-center toward the back.

Place at the back a 42” (4 notches), 2 little blocks of 12” at the front and in the middle. They will support your accessories.

Place the 2 blocks Arm 4 Notches 34”.

Place the block Top 42”.
That ends your fireplace assembly.

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