Charcoal holder (coalman)

Available in 3 models for the appropriate fireplace, the charcoal holder (also called coalman) is a container used to contain charcoal briquettes in order to transform your outdoor fireplace into a real barbecue. It has been conceived for cooking on the grill and enjoys the real taste of meat on your fireplace.

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Features :
  • Made of high quality satin steel ;
  • Must be used in conjunction with its corresponding enamelled cast iron grill ;
  • Offer 2 heights to place your steak grill ;
  • Have airholes to help the burning process (the #300-2D’s charcoal holder model have a double-bottom) ;
  • There is a model suitable for each outdoor fireplace.*
* Note: Does not fit on the outdoor fireplace #130-3 because it has not been conceived for cooking purposes.

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