Slides (rail kit)

The set of slides is used to support on an outdoor fireplace equipped with a chimney, the enamelled cast iron or painted steel plate on each side and over their entire length. They link the front block and the rear blocks under the plate in order to support it well. They are very useful when handling the plate due to its weight and greatly help to preserve the finish of the latter.

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Features :

  • The set of slide (or rails) is used to support the cast iron plate or steel plate, on an outdoor fireplace with chimney, by each of its sides on all its length; this is safer;
  • Very useful because of the weight of the plates;
  • Help as well to keep the enamel on the cast iron for a longer period of time by preventing it to lay on concrete blocks which are rougher;
  • Help, when handling the plate, to prevent the plate from falling inside the fireplace;
  • Come in pack of 2.

There are 3 models of slides :

  • Slides for fireplaces #115 and #120 (11");
  • Slides for fireplaces #125, #200’s series (16½");
  • Slides for fireplace #300-2D (20").

Note: The slides are mandatory on the outdoor fireplace #300-2D to hold the plate in place. (They are settled permanently during in the assembly of that fireplace). The slides are highly suggested on every others models with a chimney which need a plate. (#115, #120, #125 and #200’s series).

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Due to the very high demand for our models of outdoor fireplace and our production capacity, we are currently forced to produce them only in gray and beige for the moment.