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outdoor fireplace The Picnic
The Picnic

outdoor fireplace The Picnic with steak grill
The Picnic with back

outdoor fireplace 115
Fireplace 115

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Fireplace 120

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Fireplace 125

outdoor fireplace 130-3
Fireplace 130-3

outdoor fireplace 200-1G
Fireplace 200-1G

outdoor fireplace 200-1D
Fireplace 200-1D

outdoor fireplace 200-2
Fireplace 200-2

outdoor fireplace 300-2D
Fireplace 300-2D

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Our outdoor fireplaces
  The outdoor fireplace's domain is revolutionized, since 1977, by the company Les Foyers Feu Ardent Inc. with its principle of notched blocks that interlock into each other to form a precast modular outdoor fireplace. Each of the blocks that compose it are made from volcanic stones (lava rock) and are reinforced with a steel rebar that gives all our outdoor fireplaces a great heat resistance and an unmatched life expectancy. Moreover, as they require no mortar to support themselves, each of the offered outdoor fireplaces are designed to follow ground movements caused by freeze / thaw of areas with harsh climates. Furthermore, they reveal themselves easy to assemble and can even be moved if need if, for example, the location is no longer adequate. Although we, and many of our retailers, offer delivery and / or installation service, you may also, if you wish, perform this task easily by yourself.

Whatever the size of your property, you will find between our models, an exterior fireplace that will fit your space and meet your needs. We offer you a range of products of the most complete whether you look for fireplace with or without chimney, open on three sides and with storage space for wood. And, to perfectly match your landscaping, they are available all in 3 colors: gray, red or beige.

In order to make our fireplaces more versatile, in addition to a good fire in the evening, you will be able to use your fireplace for outdoor cooking. Depending on the chosen model, different cooking methods are offered to you : on cast iron plate, on cast iron grill, and for the time of a good supper, it is possible to convert your hearth into a true outdoor barbecue on charcoal. Moreover, you benefit from a great range of practical accessories that will adorn with the use of your fireplace as screens, grate, poker, etc. You will find, with Feu Ardent, the fireplace you have always dreamed and more.

For additional information several options are offered to you. Explore the other pages of this site to find the descriptions of each fireplace, information on available accessories, methods and photos of assembly, full list of retailers where you can buy our products and more. We also invite you to contact us or to come to visit our showroom in our factory in Lévis, Québec (formely St-Nicolas). It will pleases us to advise you in the purchase of your outdoor fireplace.

Feu Ardent... the atmosphere at the heart of your backyard.


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