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Windover’s Home Center
3269, Route 3
Saranac, NY 12981
United States
Phone: (518)-293-7177

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Choose from our models the the outdoor fireplace you need

At the heart of your landscaping, your outdoor fireplace will be the central point where your friends and familly will gather and spend quality time together for unforgettable evenings. With that in mind, all our fireplaces are made with a few key elements: a product that is easy to set up, is aesthetic and practical and is long lasting. More over, did you know that you can even cook on them? It is therefore important to choose a model of fireplace that corresponds well to your environment and your preferences. Here are the 13 fireplace models offered by Feu Ardent:


Find a Feu Ardent outdoor firepit in Saranac, New-York

Even if we manufacture our fireplaces in Canada since 1977, they are availables for years in the New-York state. 
You can find one of our retailers in the greater Plattsburg area in Saranac at Windover’s Home Center, a familly operated business. Simply give a call to Mr. and Mrs Windover, they even have some units in stock.

In addition to bringing you all the warmth of the fire for your cold evenings, Feu Ardent outdoor fireplaces offer you the opportunity to even cook outside using our exclusive accessories. For lovers of cooking with charcoal or directly on a nice fire, or simply for the lover of great evenings by the flames, you will find an outdoor fireplace that will meet your needs for years to come.

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Due to the very high demand for our models of outdoor fireplace and our production capacity, we are currently forced to produce them only in gray and beige for the moment.