Outdoor fireplace #200-1D

*For outdoor use only.

Available colors
Gray – Red – Beige


Made from volcanic stone like all of our proposed precast outdoor fireplaces, The 200-1D is distinguished, indisputably, by its wood’s storage and by its practical shelf on its right.* It has been conceived therefore to keep your accessories for cooking and your wood near-at-hand. Having the same depth of the model #125, it will be as useful for your grilling either on the enamelled cast iron plate or on charcoal. For your backyard, whether you equip it with a grate, chimney cap or a cooking accessories, these are just some items that will liven up graciously your outdoor fireplace as you dreamed.



* MSRP of the stone with no accessory; prices may vary from region to region. Ask to your local dealer. 

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Features :
  • Outdoor fireplace with one RIGHT front opened side's box for wood with practical shelf;
  • Easily assembles on a provided base;
  • Deep hearth (26½" inside);
  • Get, with its depth, more space for cooking, on the largest enamelled cast iron plate / grill;
  • Chimney of stone of 40" for protection against smoke and sparks;
  • A little spark catcher is always provided to place at the last row of the chimney;
  • Optional barbecue kit available;
  • Outside dimensions of the stone: Width: 75" / Height: 65" / Depth: 42";
  • Weight: 2900 lbs;
Mandatory’s accessories (to be fully in working order) :
  • Enamelled cast iron plate OR painted steel plate (18" x 26") ;
  • Slides for fireplace #125 and 200’s series highly suggested.

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