Outdoor fireplace #300-2D

*For outdoor use only.

Made in color :

fireplace available in gray, red or beige

The 300-2D outdoor fireplace, based on the same interlocking block construction principle, is just as easy to assemble by yourself on its supplied base as any of our other fireplaces. With its majestic, versatile design, what really sets this fireplace apart is its right-hand side, which gives you the freedom to barbecue on charcoal while simultaneously making a fire in its central section. It will therefore be easy and effortless to do both at the same time, without having to swap accessories. If you’d like to turn your barbecue into a small mechoui, get the electric hood and rotisserie, so you can roast your favorite cuts of meat. Moreover, its left-hand side allows you to store not only your cooking utensils, but also your wood within easy reach. Its amazing capabilities will provide you with unforgettable evenings, year after year.

From *


* MSRP of the stone with no accessory; prices may vary from region to region. Ask to your local dealer. 

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Features :

  • Outdoor fireplace conceived especially for simultaneously cooking and making fire ;
    (The RIGHT side's independent barbecue on charcoal is always ready to be used)
  • Has 1 left side's box for wood with practical shelf;
  • Easily assembles on a provided base;
  • Deep hearth (26½" inside);
  • Get, with its depth, more space for cooking, on the largest plate / steak grill;
  • Chimney of stone of 40" for protection against smoke and sparks;
  • A little spark catcher is always provided to place at the last row of the chimney;
  • Outside dimensions of the stone: Width: 106" / Height: 65" / Depth: 42";
  • Weight: 3400 lbs;

Mandatory’s accessories (to be fully in working order) :

  • Painted steel plate OR Enameled steel plate OR Enameled cast iron plate (18" x 26") ;
  • Slides for fireplace #300-2D*;
  • Stainless steel steak grill OR Enameled cast iron grill (18" x 25½) ;
  • Charcoal holder for #300-2D.

* Are mandatory to support the cast iron plate and are installed permanently in the fireplace.

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Due to the very high demand for our models of outdoor fireplace and our production capacity, we are currently forced to produce them only in gray and beige for the moment.