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For many people, July signifies the height of the summer season. It is usually the most delightful and peaceful season of the year, with the kids home from school and the neighborhood's midsummer festivities flourishing.  Long days are spent relaxing by the pool, going on beach excursions, and cooking your favorite meals outside. 

Sadly, these carefree days are short-lived, and before you know it, summer vacation is over, and it's time to start preparing the kids for a new school year. However, summer is not yet over. We still have a few weeks left to enjoy the season. Instead of resigning yourself to the prospect of early sunsets, keep reading to find tips to extend the summer season.

10 tips to create an endless summer

1. Throw a backyard BBQ party

Outdoor barbecue parties are integral to summer plans. To add flavor to yours, you can infuse your party with a theme, one that dictates the type of décor to use and, of course, the menu. Consider a rustic or camping motif, for instance or a by-the-sea theme.

Invite your neighbors, family, and friends to a BBQ picnic in your backyard in September. This is a terrific opportunity to get together before the hectic fall season starts. The barbecue will make it feel as though summer is still here.

In order to prepare for your BBQ party, dust off your outdoor fire grill or invest in one. After the sun sets, a fire pit is a great way to continue the celebration. Make the most of a warm summer evening by gathering everyone around your outdoor fireplace.

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2. Take a day trip

The weekends are the best time to extend your summer even though the kids are back in school. You can use this time to pay a daytime visit to an iconic local site. Depending on where you live, this could be old Quebec City, Niagara Falls, or Jasper National Park, or simply an outdoor campfire.

3. Spend time outside

Returning to school doesn't require staying inside as we wait for winter. Children may find it challenging to spend the majority of their days in class after a lengthy summer break. Wherever feasible, have meals outside. 

At the beginning of the school year, homework is not always a problem so let your children play outside while the temperature still permits it. You can also visit the countryside and go on walks in the forest with your family during the fall. Remember that hiking is the ideal exercise to tone your legs for the approaching ski season.

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4. Organize summer activities 

For summer sessions and activities, fall temperatures can be excellent. Certain activities become more fun to do when the weather is cooler. You can organize a picnic and go on a bike ride. You can also plan activities in your backyard with your neighbors or organize a block party. 

5. Enjoy the harvest season

Now is the ideal time to purchase local fresh fruits and veggies for a reasonable price. You can go to the farmers’ market to buy garnishes for your food (especially useful when throwing those BBQ parties) and prepare delectable school lunches. You can make homemade jams and preserves with your kids and enjoy them during the winter.

6. Plant flowers in your garden 

It's typical to plant a stunning flower display in your yard at the start of the summer, but did you know that some flowers bloom in the latter months of the warm season? Look into late-blooming annuals in your area to expand the stunning hues in your landscape.  

If properly cared for, some perennials, like lilac and rose plants, will bloom continuously. Your garden will continue to blossom throughout the fall if you choose the appropriate flowers, thereby retaining those brilliant hues that are frequently associated with summer.

7. Book one last vacation

One last holiday in a tropical setting sounds very summery. Where you live, summer may be coming to an end, but heat and sunshine exist year-round in other areas of the world. Think about taking a cruise or a tropical vacation somewhere warm and sunny. 

8. Head to summer camp

Even though every camp is unique, there are recurring themes that come up when discussing the advantages of summer camp with campers, parents, and camp staff. Kids congregate at summer camp, a unique kind of community, to have fun. Children gain a sense of freedom at camp, as they go on new adventures far from home. 

Summer camps or family camps are renowned for offering a secure setting where kids can develop their confidence while picking up new skills. Children can also learn a range of social skills during camp (e.g., communication, conflict resolution, etc.). 

9. Get active with friends

When school starts, friends who fell by the wayside over the busy summer, take center stage once more, and friendships are rekindled. To enjoy some backyard games or a nutritious after-school snack, invite your children's favorite friends and plan some outdoor activities. 

10. Expand your outdoor space

For your outdoor space, think about investing in a fire pit, a portable or attached outdoor heater, or both. Apart from keeping your house guests warm and comfortable, this will also serve as a nice way to encourage people to gather in your home's outdoor area. 

Extending your outdoor space doesn't necessarily mean building an addition onto your home. You can also add greenery and plants to make your yard feel larger. A small patio area can easily be transformed into a pleasant place to enjoy the outdoors. Consider planting a vegetable garden if you'd like fresh produce year round.

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