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Outdoor fireplace #115

outdoor fireplace #115
                                                                                  Shown in gray
Dimensions: Width: 42" / Height: 45" / Depth: 34"



Colors availables
(Gray, Red, Beige)
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The outdoor fireplace #115 has the style and the elegance of our more imposing fireplaces while having the smaller dimensions on the ground as the model Picnic. Equipped with a short chimney, this outdoor fireplace minimizes the smoke that could annoy you while enhancing your backyard. Moreover, this hearth also offers you the pleasure of cooking: either on its enamelled cast iron plate but also, if you wish, on charcoal with its enamelled cast iron grill and its coalman. As well, personalize your fireplace with a wide range of accessories. Like all our other models, it really offers you a world of possibilities.

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